The Australian agricultural sector is moving forward at a rapid pace, facing new and old challenges and opportunities. However, it is how farmers respond to these impending opportunities, and tackle shared challenges that will determine the success of the industry as a whole.

Learning from those that have gone before us is incredibly important to ensure the generational knowledge, skills and years of experience are not lost. Connecting farmers to other farmers, across production systems, across generations, and across the country will give us all the greatest chance of sharing knowledge, growth, and ultimately success.

Current social networks do not have the farmer front and centre of their design and functionality. On other platforms, there is often only one vertical stream of conversation. In a matter of hours (sometimes minutes), a thread can disappear out of sight, making it difficult to continue to engage or find it weeks or months later. The Exchange, built by farmers, for farmers, will connect us in order to transfer knowledge in a way we have not seen before.