The Exchange is firstly and foremostly for Australian primary producers and aspiring Australian farmers. Members must be over 18. See Privacy Policy.

Professionals in the agriculture and agribusiness sectors are allowed into the Exchange but this is through a separate sign up process and their profiles are distinct from a Farmer Profile, through the Farm Table for Business.

When setting up a profile, we ask questions to validate the member as fitting into these categories, including postcode, DOB, and farming interests. We also have a ‘report’ function, where users themselves can report uncommon/unfriendly/off topic behaviour to admin. This will help ensure all conversations remain on topic and members involved in the Exchange are here for the right reasons.

When signing up to the Exchange, members are bound by our Rules & Guidelines. They are intended to help foster high quality, friendly and respectful interaction and ensure that members are all in here for one reason – the betterment of their farming businesses and the agricultural industry as a whole. We reserve the right to permanently deactivate user’s accounts who breach our Exchange community rules or have provided misleading information in their profile.

Read more about the Exchange Guidelines here.